Best antivirus for PC and Mobile of 2021: what should you keep in mind to protect yourself?

In most cases, simply talking about antivirus is sinful of simplicity, since the current concept of security is much broader and we should talk about security solutions, since they integrate different tools that work together to protect systems against all kinds of computer threats. 

Security solutions are more necessary than ever in 2022, considering that social distance, telecommuting and studying remotely are forcing users to use technology in ways that, most likely, they have never used before.  


When thinking about cybersecurity, many users go back to the concept of a computer “virus” that frightened computer users in the 90s and destroyed everything in its path or played practical jokes by displaying a little message on the screen in search of fame and notoriety. 


The truth is that threats have changed a lot during all these years and right now all your devices could be infected without even showing the slightest symptom of it.  And the reasons why the creators of malware and other threats move are summarized in one main one: economic profit, either by reselling your data to the highest bidder on the black market, by directly stealing money from your bank accounts, or through scams. 


In fact, the main objective of today’s cyber threats is to go unnoticed and remain installed on the computer for as long as possible, collecting user credentials, passwords, and bank details of users that cybercriminals sell to the highest bidder on the Dark Web in packages of thousands. of accounts with their associated passwords. 


The offer in antivirus and security tools is not as extensive as in other sectors due to the enormous effort in R&D required for the development of this software and its permanent updating to adapt to new threats in constant evolution. 


This means that there are few novelties in terms of products, and year after year very consolidated products are repeated which, on the other hand, are the ones that offer the best detection guarantees. These are some of the best antiviruses for computers, smartphones, and tablets of 2022: 


  • ESET Internet Security 
  • Avast Premium Security
  • Norton 360
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 21.0
  • McAfee Total Protection 

ESET Internet Security

ESET is one of the European security software developers with the best track record in threat detection due to the company’s proactive philosophy in investigating and fighting cybercrime . 


Avast Premium Security

In addition to being one of the best-known voices in the world of computing for its database update notices, Avast’s security solution has a wide range of detections behind it, positioning itself as one of the most efficient antivirus systems.  

Avast is known for the free version that makes its popular threat detection engine available to all users. However, as you have already seen in this guide, computer security goes much further than monitoring computer software. 

Norton 360

Another regular classic on the best antivirus of the year lists is Norton, with its popular Norton 360 security suite. 

Norton’s proposal includes different tools grouped together to work together on your computer and provide the best security. Norton has one of the most efficient malware and ransomware threat detection engines and complements that efficiency by expanding security features to preserve user privacy. 

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky is another of the best antivirus for mobile and PC that does not miss its annual appointment among the rankings of the best security products. It is no wonder since their proactive detection policy has led them to collaborate directly with international authorities to dismantle malware distribution networks and other threats. 

McAfee Total Protection

Another regular classic on the best antivirus of the year lists is Norton, with its popular Norton 360 security suite. 

Our next recommendation is McAfee Total Protection , which offers complete coverage against threats against malware, protection of privacy and personal data of the user on any of their devices. 

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