What is Acronis Backup Cloud?

Acronis Backup Cloud (Acronis Backup as a Service) is an on-premises and cloud backup and recovery solution. Simple, complete and cost effective that prepares employees to solve their customers’ data protection problems.

Harnessing the power of the Acronis AnyData engine, Acronis Backup Cloud offers a highly personalized, complete, reliable service that backs up data from any source recovering to any location.

The solution also offers a pay-per-use business model with zero entry cost. This eliminates any upright investment so you can get to the market faster and make your business grow.

Here’s how we can help you grow your business!

– Local and cloud backup

-Any data, system or application

-Efficient management

-Technology for any database

-Multi-layer/Multi-level customers

Acronis Backup Cloud

A powerful Hybrid Cloud Backup solution for resales to protect all your customers’ systems and devices anytime, anywhere faster than anything.

Acronis Backup Cloud helps Service Providers:

-Quickly address customer data protection challenges

-Reduce management overhead with a single unified console

-Expand the full market with support for 16 platforms

-Build on your brand with white-label and branding options

-Reduce operating expenses with OSS/BSS system integrations

-Service your customer’s SLAs with backup that’s twice as fast as the competition

Acronis Backup Cloud has the ideal plan for your need

Flexible development options:

Hosted Acronis: A key solution hosted entirely in an Acronis data center of your choice. Get your customers up and running right now and create revenue right away.

Service provider hosted: The Service Provider manages the complete solution and stores the data for full control over the solution.

Hybrid: This is a management console hosted by Acronis that uses service provider storage. Take advantage of existing resources and business opportunities by choosing the storage location (your own data center or a third party’s).

Location and Cloud:

Acronis Backup Cloud combines on-premises and cloud backup and recovery into a simple solution with a true multi-tier multi-tenant deployment. Local backups are ideal for quick restore; An off-site copy is ideal for quick and reliable recovery from any major disaster. Services Providers have the option to use Acronis-hosted cloud storage, use third-party cloud vendor storage such as Microsoft or Amazon, or attach your own physical private cloud storage, providing full control over your customers’ valuable data.

Fast time of marketing

To build and consolidate a strong success case in your services, you need a solution that offers a per-use business model with no entry costs, allowing you to focus your work only on the margins. Acronis has done the work of building a Cloud-centric Backup solution that is ready for you to deliver today.

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