Best antimalware programs: removal and protection 2021

New types of malwares appear every day, so it is very likely that your device will become infected with malware at some point. In fact, even if it only happened once, the damage could be serious. Although most malware is designed to spy on you without your knowledge, ransomware hijacks your private files so that you must pay to decrypt your files. 


After testing more than 30 antimalware programs, I can assure you that most do not detect all types of malwares that exist and, even if they could, they do not always succeed in eliminating them. That is why I have selected the 6 best antimalware programs in 2022. All of them protect against any type of malware thanks to real-time analysis and removal tools. 


Ranking of the best antimalware programs 

These are the criteria we have followed to choose the best antimalware products on the market: 

Security: The most important thing for any antimalware program is to offer the highest malware detection and removal rate. During testing, I made sure they offered everything they claimed. 

Extra Features: Having anti-malware protection is great, but it is welcome if a security package includes other useful features (such as a VPN or cloud backup) to supplement the security of the device. I have used all the features to confirm that they add value and utility to the product. 

High performance: All features and options should offer excellent performance as well as reliable protection; To check this, I have measured the speed in different situations. Although it is inevitable that the performance of the system will be slightly reduced when using an antimalware program, it should affect as little as possible. 

Simplicity: using the functions of any antimalware program should be easy for both beginners and advanced users. I have looked at the different interfaces and menus to make sure they are intuitive and easy to use. 

Value for money: the price should be in line with what the security package offers. We talk about the level of security, the functions, the type of assistance and whether they have a money-back guarantee to recover the money if the service does not satisfy you. I have compared each package to its price to determine if it is worth it or not. 

Norton 360

Another regular classic on the best antivirus of the year lists is Norton, with its popular Norton 360 security suite. 

Key features: 

Efficient real-time malware detection and removal . 

Includes encrypted cloud backup, VPN, and password manager, among other features. 

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. 

24-hour support service through live chat. 

60-day money-back guarantee. 

McAfee Total Protection


Key features: 


It detected and removed all malware with ease during testing. 

Includes VPN, password manager, and file shredder. 

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. 

Customer support service by phone. 

30-day money-back guarantee. 


very comprehensive antimalware functions for comprehensive security 

Key features: 

Its antimalware engine protects you against ransomware and viruses, among others. 

Includes password manager, parental control, and file shredder. 

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

24-hour support service by mail and live chat. 

30-day money-back guarantee. 



The best protection against malware for gamers on PC 

Key features: 

Excellent protection against malware during testing. 

Includes Game Booster, ID protection, and standalone VPN. 

The apps are available for Windows, Mac and Android. 

24-hour mail-in customer service. 

30-day money-back guarantee. 



Quality antimalware software with browser extension 

Key features: 

Excellent malware detection rate in analysis and in real time. 

Includes VPN and password manager. 

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. 

Customer support by mail, live chat and telephone. 

30-day money-back guarantee. 


detected all malware and zero-day attacks on PC and Mac 

Key features:  

Real-time protection detected and quarantined all malware 

Includes a Web Shield or web shield that automatically blocks malicious URLs 

It is compatible with Windows and Mac 

Provide customer support via live chat and email 

Has a 30-day money-back guarantee 

Why Microsoft defender is not good enough?

Despite being free and offering a good protection rating, Microsoft Defender does not provide the same level of anti-malware protection as its competitors . Therefore, you would be more exposed to online threats – such as phishing and ransomware -, which could result in data loss or security breaches, among other cases. Also, keep in mind that the listed programs have great features that enhance internet security, such as VPN, password manager, and file shredder. 

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